Calculating NUTS2 Regional Averages with Land Sea Mask

This post serves as a continuation on the techniques described in my last blog post. So please familiarise with those steps beforehand.


As before, load in the NUTS shapefiles, this time selecting NUTS2.

NUTS2 is higher resolution and as a result, there are many more shapefiles. NUTS2 contains polygons at a regional (sub-country) level. In total there are 332 shapes for the Eurostat EU region.

Obtain the latest shapefiles from Eurostat.

Select a particular region with the 4 character NUTS_ID string.

For example, Stuttgart (DE):

Land Sea Mask (LSM)

The land-sea mask is a field that contains, for every grid point, the proportion of land in the grid box. The values are between 0 (sea) and 1 (land).

You can obtain the ECMWF LSM NetCDF file here

A quick plot of the LSM gives this visual representation of the mask:

Calculate NUT2 Area Averages, with LSM

Now, following the same steps as described in Tech Blog #4, it is possible to calculate the area averages, with the LSM applied.


NUTS2 Area Average

As usual, you can also get the code from my GitHub page.

by Luke Sanger (WEMC Data Engineer, 2018)

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