Tweet Analyser

The beta of my web app for performing sentiment analysis on tweets is online:

Simple to use. Just type in a word you want to search, press the button and wait for the result. The app collects the most recent 1000 tweets containing your keyword.

The Word Cloud tab displays the most commonly featured words that appear in tweets alongside the search keyword.

The Sentiment tab displays a table showing the overall sentiment of the tweets. The sentiment analysis algorithm is built upon the NRC Word-Emotion Association Lexicon (aka EmoLex)


This app was created using R and  Shiny and is intended for educational purposes only.

# ggplot2 bar chart design adapted from an excellent tutorial by J.Silge (
# word cloud adapted from shiny word cloud tutorial (
# tweet data cleansing adapted from sentiment package tutorial (
# sentiment analysis process adapted from syuzhet tutorial (

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