Chilcot Inquiry – Sentiment Data Visualisation

Using pretty lines to visualise an ugly topic.

A short case study analysing twitter sentiment regarding the Chilcot Inquiry, a lengthy paper investigating the legalities of the UK’s involvement in the Iraq war. I collected a snapshot of 1000 tweets each day for a week after the paper was released (7/7/16 – 13/7/16) and plotted the results using R with ggplot2 package.

It is clear from the visualisation that tweets containing words associated with ‘negative’ and ‘fear’ are scoring consistently highest, with a large spike 48 hours after the report was released. This would correlate with the time taken for full media coverage on the topic.

Also worth noting is the constant low appearances of tweets containing words associated with ‘surprise’ and ‘joy’, which suggests the results of the inquiry were as predicted and brought little comfort.

The sentiment analysis was performed using my own sentiment analysis tool. You can try it out here for free:


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